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How to Play the Clarinet

This page will offer many suggestions and educational tools to help you learn how to become a great clarinetist and musician. Check back soon for more updates.

Educational Tools

Clear, easy to use clarinet fingering charts for all registers of the instrument. These fingering charts are available as interactive Flash pages, and printable PDFs.

The Beginning Clarinet Songbook. An easy, step by step method to help you learn how to play the clarinet. The book is accompanied by a website that includes a unique page for every song in the book, with pictures, links, and practice tips.

How to practice scales and technique on the clarinet. Your success as a musician is determined by far more than what you practice or even how long you practice. Learn how to practice well with these simple suggestions and tips.

Scale, arpeggios, and exercises for the clarinet. The scale sheets on this page feature “half scales” which serve as an introduction to full major and minor scales. They also are a great way to focus on isolated ranges of the clarinet.

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