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The Metal Clarinet Test Answers

Spoiler Alert! - If you haven’t listened to the recordings yet and want to take the listening test, visit the Metal Clarinet Listening Test page.

If you have listened and have determined your answers, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here is some info about the recording process:

All of the audio examples were recorded using the Zoom H4 recorder. I made sure to stand in the exact same place for each recording. None of the examples have been edited in any way. No reverb or effects have been added.
The same mouthpiece and reed setup were used for each clarinet. These recordings were made in 2008, shortly after I started collecting metal clarinets. Since that time, I acquired a couple of gems, including a King Silver Sonic which is beautiful. I hope to have some recordings of them online soon.

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The Silva-Bet metal clarinet made by H. Bettoney.




The Metal Clarinet Test answers:

Clarinet number 1: Selmer 10G (wood)
Clarinet number 2: Bettoney Silva-Bet (silver plated)
Clarinet number 3: H. N. White Cleveland (brass plated)
Clarinet number 4: Buffet R-13 (wood)

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