Clarinet Links

Clarinet Education

Clarinet fingering charts - Clear, simple to understand interactive and printable clarinet fingering charts.

Learn the pitches on the clarinet - fun interactive games to help students learn to read music better and learn the pitches of the instrument.

Scales and technique for the clarinet - several scales sheets and technical exercises for beginning to advanced clarinetists.

Free online metronomes - metronomes that count the beat, as well as metronomes that subdivide and click in different meters.

Free blank staff paper - many choices of staff size and number of staves per page.

Kyle Coughlin’s educational websites

Clarinet Information

The International Clarinet Association - a community of clarinetists and clarinet enthusiasts who support projects that will benefit clarinet performance.

Wikipedia’s article on the clarinet, a collection of occasionally spurious information.

Some Great Jazz Clarinet Players

Benny Goodman, the “King of Swing”

Artie Shaw, the “King of the Clarinet”

Woody Herman, jazz great and bandleader

Buddy DeFranco NPR interview

Eddie Daniels, virtuoso jazz and classical clarinetist

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Learn all about rhythm and improve your sight reading. Rhythm-In-Music.com is an interactive website that teaches all of the fundamental aspects of rhythm, covering beat, tempo, meter, time-signature, and all note values. It accompanies the book The Fundamentals of Rhythm, by Kyle Coughlin, featuring over 450 different rhythm patterns for practice.