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Kyle Coughlin’s main website is www.kylecoughlin.com. His publications can be found at SkyLeap Music. The site has information on how to purchase his books. It also includes several educational tools.

MetronomeBot.com features eleven different metronomes, three of which speak the beat. All of the online metronomes are free, and the mp3 files for the talking metronomes are available for a small fee. The site also includes simple clicking metronomes, a sleigh-bell metronome, and metronomes that subdivide the beat.

Rhythm-In-Music is a web site that compliments The Fundamentals of Rhythm book. It includes extra information and practice suggestions as well as recordings of all the rhythm patterns in the book. The book and website explain every fundamental aspect of rhythm, starting with basic beginning information and advancing to complex syncopated patterns.

Music-Paper.com offers free blank staff paper in many different sizes with choices of different numbers of staves per page. Print as many pages of blank staff paper as you like. Some of the pages have margin space at the top so you can write the title of your composition or assignment. The site also features a section on proper music notation.

ClarinetSpace.com features several educational tools for clarinet students. The site hosts pitch name games for students to learn the name of every pitch on the clarinet, technique sheets with major and minor scales and arpeggios, and practice tools and suggestions.

Flopsy the Whimsical Clown’s Name the Pitch Games are an interactive series of exercises designed to help students learn the name of pitches and respond quickly. Get to the end without making an error and Flopsy will do a little dance for you!

Interactive Flash-based clarinet fingering charts can be found on the SkyLeap Music website. The site includes interactive fingering charts that play the pitches of the clarinet and show alternate fingerings, too. These fingering charts are great if you are viewing them on a desktop computer. If you are are using a phone or tablet, or if you would like to see larger images of the clarinet, try the fingering charts on this site.

ChristmasClarinet.com features several free interactive recordings of standard Christmas carols. You can play along with a recording of the clarinet with accompaniment, or play with just the accompaniment part.

ClarinetSongbook.com is an interactive section of this site that compliments the book Beginning Clarinet Songbook, by Kyle Coughlin, with many free samples of the music. Site includes a web page for every song in the book, with images, practice suggestions, and links to helpful practice tools like fingering charts and online metronomes.

FundamentalsOfMusic.com explains the fundamentals of music theory and explains the five basic elements of music: sound, rhythm, melody, harmony, and form.

ChristmasMusicSongs.com offers free sheet music of more than 25 different Christmas carols for clarinet and all other wind, brass, and string instruments. Multiple keys are offered for each carol, so you can perform them on clarinet and with other instruments.

Kyle Coughlin’s Publications

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Learn all about rhythm and improve your sight reading. Rhythm-In-Music.com is an interactive website that teaches all of the fundamental aspects of rhythm, covering beat, tempo, meter, time-signature, and all note values. It accompanies the book The Fundamentals of Rhythm, by Kyle Coughlin, featuring over 450 different rhythm patterns for practice.