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The Beginning Clarinet Songbook

The Beginning Clarinet Songbook helps students learn how to play the clarinet in a step-by-step process that is fun and easy. It features 90 songs and 45 duets which progress very gradually so students can learn at their own pace. Every song in the book has its own web page with pictures and helpful practice suggestions.

Christmas Clarinet Duet Book

The Christmas Clarinet Duet Book features 25 standard Christmas songs arranged for two clarinets, including Jingle Bells, Joy to the World, Deck the Halls, Jolly Old St. Nicholas, and many more. The songs are intended for beginning to intermediate clarinetists, but they can be enjoyed by musicians of all levels and abilities. The book features at least two arrangements of every duet.
The Christmas duets are also available for flute, oboe, and saxophone.

Beginning Jazz Studies, Volume 1

Volume 1 in the series teaches jazz quarter notes, swing eighth notes, jazz articulation, pickup notes, dotted quarters, and odd eighth note rhythms. Each topic in the book includes two master classes and etudes. Audio recordings of the materials are online for free. The book is available for clarinet, alto saxophone, and tenor saxophone.

Beginning Jazz Studies, Volume 2

Volume 2 in the series includes lessons on jazz syncopation, the Blues, running eighth notes, playing by ear, and an introduction to jazz composition. Recordings of the materials are available for free at SkyLeapMusic.com The book is available for clarinet, alto saxophone, and tenor saxophone.

The Fundamentals of Rhythm

Learn about every aspect of rhythm by practicing patterns that will help you develop in a gradual, step-wise process. The Fundamentals of Rhythm teaches beat, tempo, meter, time signature, and almost every note value imaginable. It is accompanied by a website that features audio examples of each pattern in the book. Practicing the patterns is a great way to improve your sight-reading skills, too.

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